Send movies

Without hassle or length limitations

Send high definition movies

You can send movie files of up to 2GB and send large movies without flooding the recipients mailbox.

All video formats are supported

There is no need to convert your movie before sending. We accept any video format.

You are in control of your videos

Everything you share can be protected with a password and you determine which videos are visible to others and which are only visible for you.

Send large files

Send files beyond the limitations of regular e-mail and without the hassle of complicated software.
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Store and Share files online

Permanent file storage for organizing and sharing your videos, images and other files online.
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Backup your computer

A simple and safe way to daily backup all the important files on your computer.
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Your files are safe with us

To protect your data, all communication is secured using 128 bit SSL encryption
and everything you share can be protected with a password.